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Crop Science and Digital Agronomy

Hariyali Kheti ( हरियाली खेती ) is Crop Science and Digital Agronomy Platform to cater the scientific and technology need of farmer in crop production process. Most of the farmers in India are doing crop cultivation as per traditional farming practices and keep doing cultivation of same type of crops.

This results in to underutilized land's full potential to generate more income when a right crop can be grown with better practices which can fetch better crop price in market and expense reduction during production process. Farmers can not make decision about right selection of crop, Switching to new crop cultivation, Preventive action plan for pest/diseases attack due to apprehension of possible loss in new crop cultivation experimentation. Also, there are huge crop losses occurring due to adverse weather/climatic condition.

Also, Farmers end up in spending more money in whole crop production process due to lack of right guidance in production process. Agronomy platform is empowering farmers to integrate science and technology in farming and increasing their profitability.

Soil Carbon

Wayfield's Soil Carbon Program is for monetization of carbon content of soil for the farmer. This will way we will help farmer to earn more money from the same land area.

Keeping a good soil health will not only improve yield and quality of produced crop but also will generate second income for farmer. Various Regenerative and Climate Smart agricultural practices like Cover Cropping, Inter Cropping, Mulching, Less Tillage make carbon sequestration process faster and reduced greenhouse emission

We are providing agronomy practices support to farmer to achieve this. Soil carbon is being monetized through sustainability market and quantified by measured carbon credits.

Crop Resilience +

With changing climatic conditions, crop faces different types of biotic stress (insects,virus etc) and abiotic stress (drought, salinity, low or high temperatures, and other extreme environmental conditions).This causes huge crop lossses.

Crop Resilience + is a set of solutions to provide climate resilency to the crops. This includes microbial and biological seed treatment solutions for the various crops. Along with fighting various types of stress, this will promote natural nutrients fixation in the soil and will increases biodiversity of the soil and crop field.Apart from this, providing bio-tech and sterlized planting materials for a platation/crop cultivation is also part of Crop Resilience + .

In Crop Resilience + , third part is to implement climate smart cropping systems and farming practices for climate resilient crop production. This holistic solution will enahnce yield and quality of harvested crop and increases environmental sustainability

Premium Price for Sustainably Produced Crops

Farmer are earning premium and good selling price on their crops which are produced by practicing sustainable farming practices. We are selling these sustainable crops to onboarded buyers and business groups. New farmers or professional grower who are willing to produce sustainably and high quality crops are onboarded with us, and we work with them for quality and crop production as per specification.

In this way we are facilitating premium price for farmers, high quality crops for buyers and sustainability for environment. Wayfield provides all the support to farmers like agronomy, farm soil health, farm practice tracking, data measurement and procurement to buyers.

First Generation Farmer/ Setting Up a New Farm

Are you new to farming and want to start his/her new farm for personal (hobby or interest) or for professional objectives. Wayfield provides all the assistance for this. We work for setting up new farms for horticulture, floriculture, fruit orchards and other crops for the first time farmer or first generation farmer . We integrate various regenerative practices and cropping systems and set farms in complete harmony with nature.

Furthermore, we provide end to end hand holding starting from Soil Preparation, Farm Design to Planting & Seeding, Nutrient Management & Fertilizing and Crop Protection. and assist in all farm operations at various steps to set up a successful farm