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  • Agronomist


    Skills and Responsibilities
    1. Must have a thorough understanding of crop production agriculture concepts and techniques.
    2. Specializing in areas such as crop rotation, cover crops, tillage, irrigation methods & drainage, soil science, weed control, disease & pest control and etc.
    3. Must have a good understanding about chemical and environmental aspects of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and should be able to communicate recommendations to farmers/growers for seeds/fertilizers/pesticides and etc.
    4. Must be a motivated, self starter, identifying goals to be accomplished daily/annually for agricultural activities.
    5. A fair knowledge about the farming of commercial and medicinal plant like Aloe Vera / Moringa / Tulasi etc and other associated work.
    6. Good to have exposure with the existing agro producers in the field/s for production and sale.
    B.Sc/M.Sc in Agronomy,Agriculture, Plant or Soil Science or related fields from an accredited university
    1 to 5 Years.
    Candidates can apply for the job by sending their CV/Resume at contact@wayfieldag.com
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